As regular viewers of The Daily Show know, host Jon Stewart was raised in Lawrenceville, NJ and attended Lawrence High School. So it was no surprise that on last night's episode, the political satirist was harsh on Governor Chris Christie and the ongoing "Bridgegate" scandal.

jon stewart
Comedy Central

On a typical night, Stewart will lean on his cast of characters as "senior correspondents" when dealing with the big issues of the day. However, last night was different as Stewart himself acted as his own "senior New Jersey correspondent." The Daily Show host cleverly voiced his disappointment over the suspicious bridge closures in September and NJ's history of corruption.

Joking that Christie's staff should have spoken in "Jersey code," he added

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You’re an embarrassment to dialogue.


Pointing out that this could potentially damage Christie's hopes and favorability for a 2016 Presidency run, Stewart said

You can probably now see Paul Ryan’s b*ner from space.


Watch Jon Stewart's take on the Christie controversy.

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