We LOVE going to A.C.!  In fact, it is the only place where I actually win in the casino. There is so much more to Atlantic City than that…the food, the nightlife, the performances and of course the views!

There is one place in particular that has such a stunning view I have to mention it!  It is such a good view it is in their name! You must visit The Vue at the very top of the Claridge Hotel.  It is officially the highest rooftop in New Jersey and it is breathtaking.

This place is historic and elegant creating a perfect mood for anything from engagements to the casual diner who wants to soak it all in al fresco.

How tall is it? It is 20 floors high with ocean views for as far as the eye can see.  Look carefully and you might even spot a whale or dolphin saying hello.  In addition to all that nature, you also get to feel the raw energy of Atlantic City’s epic boardwalk and casinos beckoning you to spend at least part of your paycheck.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for an outdoor cocktail hour on top of the world. You in?  Oh by the way, if you are a custom cocktail super-snob (it’s ok to admit that I am too) then you will be in your element. The bartenders at The Vue are actually cocktail artists.  It is truly insane what flavor combinations are created and I challenge you to challenge them!  The Vue is located at The Claridge Hotel, 123 S Indiana Ave, Atlantic City.  If you bump into me there make sure to say hi! xo

After a night of partying at The Vue, you'll want to hit up the best brunch spots at the Jersey Shore.  We were happy to do that homework for you!

The Top Brunch Joints At The Jersey Shore!

They may not have bottomless...but their food is top notc

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