Remember the day back in January when it was a bone-chilling 30 degrees on the boardwalk?  The wind was howling and all you could think of was getting indoors, pouring a hot cup of coffee, and wrapping yourself with a blanket?

Inevitably, someone at some point told you, "Just remember this when it's 90 degrees and you complain it's too hot..."

I'm here to remind you it could be worse.  As hot as it is, it could be hotter, a lot hotter.

We hear so much talk about how the greenhouse effect is warming the earth.  This isn't meant to be an argument about whether or not global warming is happening, but it has been warmer.

The hottest day on record in New Jersey is 110 degrees.  That was July 10, 1936.  Just a day earlier, temps in Jersey temps hit 106 degrees.  Most of the nation was dealing with what was called the Great North American Heatwave.

It could be worse.  Death Valley is a real place.  It's located in California along the Nevada border, and their name is fitting.  Their record high temperature was 134 degrees, located in a place aptly named, Furnace Creek.

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Getty Images

In fact, Furnace Creek holds the distinction of being the only place on earth, where temps of 130 degrees and above have been recorded.

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Stay safe during this heat.  Drink plenty of water, and limit outdoor activities.  Keep an eye out for those who need help.  Pets should be brought indoors and walked in the morning or evening.  Also, check on elderly folks in your community.  Knocking on a door, could prove to be a lifesaver.

Oh, and remember these days next January...

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