We Google all of the time, but do you ever notice what the search engine suggests for you before you hit enter? Me neither. But I did the other day.

I typed 'should I' in the Google search bar, and here were the most popular auto-suggestions:


Let's break this down.

'should I stay or should I go lyrics' - We are either really into pregaming for karaoke or there are an insane amount of fans of The Clash at the Shore.

'should I upgrade to Mojave' - Mojave is an operating system for Apple computers. It's also way old. I have no idea why that showed up.

'should I get a flu shot' - Most healthcare professionals will say yes. And after the past three months, the answer should most likely be yes. I've gotten a flu shot once. It made me feel sick for a week, so I've never gotten another one. I may be reconsidering.

'should I text him' - Speaking as a guy, we never tell women this, but we're often too nervous to text you. So, yes, text him...unless he's a creeper.

'should I get bangs' - Don't almost all of us have bangs at this point? That is unless you've tried to give yourself a haircut. Or you've allowed someone in your family near your hair. How did that work out? LOL!

What should you be doing according to Google? Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. Technology is amazing but scary at the same time.

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