It's a virtual celebration of summer with a favorite Jersey Shore bar and one of the best bar bands of all time!

I had a great chat yesterday with Spaz, the singer of The Nerds. It was awesome catching up with him, and you can scroll through 94.3 The Point's Facebook page to see that interview.

As difficult a time this is for musicians, whose whole livelihood has been squashed, some are finding ways to stay positive and hopeful and find social media outlets to perform and stay connected.

So, this Friday, The Nerds will perform at Lake Como's Bar A, six feet apart from each other, to an empty club. But the good news is that you can dance and sing along from your own living room.

Bar A, in conjunction with Bud Light, is calling this the Socially Responsible Summer Kick Off. It takes place this Friday night, May 22nd, live on Facebook, from 7 pm - 8 pm. WATCH IT HERE.

And then NJ Shore Musicians brings you a whole Memorial Day weekend online music festival celebrating Jersey Shore musicians on May 23rd, 24th, and 25th. You'll see The Nerds and all of your other favorites by CLICKING HERE.

If you miss live music as much as I do, please show love to your favorite bands during this Covid-19 crisis....and here's hoping musicians can make it through and hold on a little longer until the world is righted.

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