I always thought it was so cool how residents and visitors of Pt. Pleasant Beach replicated a tradition seen in New York, Paris, and places all over the world by placing custom "love locks" on the fence at the end of the boardwalk. That tradition is over.

Love locks are padlocks that couples customize and attach to a fence at a landmark location. Here's one from Italy.

According to Patch, the Point Pleasant Beach Council recently voted to replace a fence near the Manasquan Inlet. It was on this fence that tons of love locks were displayed.

Local photographer Tom Spader showed a before and after on his Facebook page.

Mayor Paul Kanitra says he sees the good and bad of the situation. He explained that while the locks were a great expression of love, but they blocked the view of Manasquan Inlet and the fence needed to be replaced.

The fence was replaced, but the locks reappeared. Public Works employees were instructed to cut them off. This, of course, is costing the town money.

Tom Spader posted this on Facebook on Saturday, January 11.

I couldn't have said it better, Tom. This is sad. I always looked forward to seeing the new additions to the fence when I reached the end of the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk.

It's hard to break traditions. Will the Pt. Pleasant Beach and love lock fans kiss and makeup? Or will the heartbreaking removal of love continue? Stay tuned.

[source: Patch]

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