April is National Humor Month and a new survey has some interesting results about humor and where it ranks in relationships.

According to Zoosk.com, regardless of relationship status, respondents say humor plays a big role:

87% of men and 74% of women say humor is a powerful aphrodisiac.

64% of adults say that besides having good chemistry, a sense of humor is the most important quality for a successful relationship. In third place for women is financial stability and for men it's good looks and intelligence.

43% of adults prefer a partner who has a goofy sense of humor. Second to goofy is dry or witty humor.

Only 15% of adults care for sarcastic humor....and even less care for bathroom humor or self-deprecating humor.

59% of women say they have had their feelings hurt by a joke gone bad by a significant other. Only 40% of men have had their feelings hurt by a partner's joke that went too far.

72% of women say that if someone doesn't make them laugh on a first date, they would  still give the person a second chance. 87% of men say they would still give their date a second chance if they failed to make them laugh on the first date.

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