Our sister station NJ 101.5 did some number crunching with 2016 crime statistics from the FBI and the State Police to determine the safest and least safe towns in the state. Monmouth and Ocean faired pretty well. 

It needs to be noted that these results come from towns with populations of 50,000 or more. Also, results are based on the rate of violent crimes and not the number of crimes.

Not surprisingly, Camden was ranked as the least safe town in Jersey.

According to these stats, Middletown is the safest town in the Garden State.

With a population of 65,919, there were 0.3 violent crimes per 1,000. Look at the breakdown.

Homicides: 0
Rapes: 3
Robberies: 4
Aggravated assaults: 10
Burglaries: 62
Car thefts: 10

Jackson is considered the 2nd safest town in New Jersey.

With a population of 56,563, there were 0.3 violent crimes per 1,000.

Homicides: 1
Rapes: 0
Robberies: 4
Aggravated assaults: 8
Burglaries: 89
Car thefts: 16

For the complete ranking of the 36 towns on the list, click here

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