If you've been to a grocery store at the Shore recently, you may have heard some beautiful music while grabbing a cart or getting out of your car.

Before my show, I had to make a quick stop at the Shoprite on Fischer Blvd. in Toms River to pick something up. When I got out of my car I heard an amazing instrumental version of "Ave Maria." At first, I thought Shoprite had installed an outdoor sound system. As I got closer to the music, it was a much different story. This is what I saw.

Kevin Garrison, Facebook
Kevin Garrison, Facebook (photo from Shoprite W. Long Branch)

I spoke to this man and he told me that he is waiting for his immigration papers and that in the meantime he's traveling around the Shore playing his music and relying on the good nature of others to support him and his family.

I encountered him in Toms River, but the picture above is from West Long Branch via Kevin Garrison. Kevin is an amazing person who runs Blessing Bag Brigade NJ, an organization that puts together bags filled with essentials for the homeless and those in need.

According to Kevin's post on Facebook, this man told him the same thing he told me, he was waiting for his immigration papers.

From what I could tell, he was not begging or bothering anyone. In fact, there was quite a crowd standing around enjoying his music.

I hope the American Dream happens for this guy and he is able to get on his feet, get a job and explore his musical talents.

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