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We are concluding our simultaneous countdowns of the Top-10 Most Read Jersey Shore News Stories and Most Watched Jersey Shore News Stories of 2020.

Here is the #1 most read article followed by the #1 most watched video on our social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube across 92.7 WOBM, 94.3ThePoint, 105.7TheHawk, the new Beach 104.1 FM and the Shore Sports Network.

#1 Most Read Article...Let's Help OC Sheriff's Detective And His Family As He Battles ALS. (64,819 page views), Story Date: November 19, 2020.

Phil, Diana, Harper and Olivia Sickinger

The Ocean County Sheriff's Office PBA Local 379 held an online fundraising campaign asking for the community to come together and help in raising funds for Detective Phil Sickinger and his family as he battles ALS.

Detective Sickinger is 39-years old, recently celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Diana and they have two daughters, 4-year old Harper and 8-year old Olivia.

In January of 2020, Detective Sickinger was diagnosed with ALS then Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity.

"I was feeling very weak, so I went to the doctors and he thought it was Lyme, did a test and said it's not Lyme, you should go see a rheumatologist which turned into seeing 2 rheumatologist's, an infectious disease doctor, two neurologists, endocrinologist and a neuromuscular doctor (at Robert Wood Johnson) who diagnosed me with ALS," Detective Sickinger tells Townsquare Media News. "I went to a Lyme literate doctor who did some more in-depth Lyme's tests and it came back positive for Lyme."

The emotional reaction to being diagnosed with ALS was just starting to sink in at that point.

Following the diagnoses, Ocean County Sheriff Mike Mastronardy immediately stepped in to help Detective Sickinger and Diana find some more answers.

"Once we did get the diagnoses, which was obviously devastating, we came in to see the Sheriff and he was shocked like everyone else and he immediately asked if it was okay that he made a phone call for us and he reached out to some contacts he has and was able to get us in touch with the right people to have us seen at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and we were able to get in with the leading doctor on the East Coast to have some further testing done and get a second opinion," Diana said.

Over the last few months, Detective Sickinger with Diana's help has adapted to a new way of living with ALS.

"I can't really use my arms, can't write, it's hard to type, I have to use a walker to walk. In our house, we have a chairlift for me to get up the steps, I have a special recliner that lifts me up out of the seat," Detective Sickinger said.

From the Sheriff's Department to the community and their families, Detective Sickinger and Diana have received some help at home helping take care of chores like cutting the lawn and helping make them comfortable with a deck outside and a hot tub which was donated by the OCSO PBA and Stafford Police PBA.

They've also received homemade meals from the community and help bringing Phil to and from doctors appointments.

It's all helped navigate through uncharted waters.

There are many ways you can help the Sickinger family and honor the work Phil has done as a Law Enforcement Officer in the weeks and months ahead.

"Just the continued prayers and the continued support, the continued love and respect and kindness...people have been very good about giving us our space but also being so close to the perimeter and knowing when they can help us," Diana said. "I think just continuing to pray for our family and take care of us and take care of their own families and just try and be kind to one another. If you see us out, just keep cheering us on."

#1 Most Watched Video...Downtown Toms River Peaceful Protest. (18,768 Video Views), Story Date: June 2, 2020.

Toms River residents joined with Toms River Police and the Ocean County Prosecutors Office on Tuesday Morning June 2 to hold a peaceful protest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis the week prior while he in police custody.

The protests and demonstrations around New Jersey following the death of George Floyd were primarily very peaceful with the exceptions being in Atlantic City, Trenton and Asbury Park (following a peaceful demonstration in AP that same night).

With word getting out prior to the planned Toms River demonstration and businesses boarding up their doors and windows in fear of damage, riots and looting, Toms River Police and the Ocean County Prosecutors Office were hoping for a peaceful demonstration downtown, and that's what happened.

A large group gathered outside the Kohl's in the Toms River Shopping Center on Route 37 and marched down Main Street, turned onto Washington Street and stopped in front of the old Ocean County Courthouse where a few speeches were made and prayers for peace and understanding.

Top-10 Recap:

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4th Most Read Article...Ocean County Towns begin opening beaches for the summer. (34,059 page views), Story Date: May 7, 2020.

4th Most Watched Video...Ask The Chief with Barnegat Police Chief Keith Germain. (6,724 Video Views), Show Date: January 24, 2020.

3rd Most Watched Video...The Eric Czaplinski Story.


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