It's vacation season. There's nothing better than the first day of vacation, and there's nothing tougher than the first day back.

Driving to work that first day is rough. You know the roads and you know the traffic, but you're a little apprehensive. Is there construction where you don't expect it? Did they change the road pattern again? You just don't know.

When you finally get to work, it all looks the same, but somehow a little different. It's like visiting your 1st grade classroom as an adult. You remembered everything being bigger. You see a pile of work on your desk, all due today of course. And you think to yourself, "I'm back."

Then you see your co-workers and boss. Somehow it seems like a month since you've seen them. You might even draw a blank on a few names. But at the same time it feels like you saw them all 2 hours ago. Wow that was a fast week!

The great thing for me is after the minute or so after the alarm jars me out of bed, my day is good. I love my work. We laugh a lot and that's always a great thing. I'm sure if I didn't love what I did, it would be a much tougher road.

So if you find yourself in that category, we're here to remind you that it's gonna get better. Just close your eyes and remember that beach or restaurant or person that made your vacation a special one and you'll feel better!