Last week, producers of an "unnamed restaurant renovation show" were looking for people to eat at a restaurant in Toms River and be a part of filming.

According to APP, and buzz on social media, the restaurant is The White Rooster, and the series is "24 Hours to Hell and Back" starring Chef Gordon Ramsay. If this is true, Gordon is most likely in the Toms River area.

UPDATE (10/14/19 - 11:30PM) CONFIRMED! Thanks to Rachel Pabon for providing these pictures of Chef Ramsay and his crew.

photo from Rachel Pabon
photo from Rachel Pabon
photo from Rachel Pabon

Cuban restaurant, The White Rooster posted this on social media that it would be closed October 12-15 for "for some incredible changes and evolution."

Fox and owners are unable to confirm or deny speculation.

APP is reporting that Shelter Cove is packed with production tents and equipment. So, something is up!

The White Rooster is owned by Patty Caneda who opened the restaurant in August of 2018.

Gordon Ramsay's "24 Hours to Hell and Back" is much like "Kitchen Nightmares," except the process is sped up, and Chef has to fix problem restaurants and relaunch in just 24 hours.

[source: APP]