Quaker Steak & Lube closed its doors last year because of the coronavirus and they never re-opened again.

Quaker Steak & Lube is located on Cedar Bridge Avenue in Brick, on the edge of Brick Plaza. We were just talking about how we missed it. It was always delicious and a fun restaurant.

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It's a good spot for something really good for Brick. What does Brick need? I feel Brick has everything, but I guess there's room for one more thing. What would you like to see in this location?

Brick has a lot of traffic, it's usually congested wherever you go. Brick has a lot of good stuff and there are some things that always come up when asked, "What does Brick need?"

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google maps

I think a Rainforest Cafe' would be great there in that location. We need one in Ocean County. We have a lot of out-of-state visitors, why not? Lots of people vacation in Ocean County because of Seaside, Point Pleasant Beach, and everything else we have to offer.

Every time I ask this question, the only thing you really ask for is a Cracker Barrel.

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google maps


Ocean County does need a Cracker Barrel. It is the one restaurant, no matter when I ask what do you want, it's always Cracker Barrel. I totally agree. Toms River has been trying to get one, will we get one in Jackson (only time will tell), but at that empty restaurant in Brick at the old Quaker Steak & Lube, a Cracker Barrel would be perfect. Do you agree?

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