We all want to send our kids to the best college that we can afford. I’m in the boat myself. I have one that just graduated from Florida State and now another one leaving for college next year. This year it is all about visiting and picking the right school. It can get overwhelming for sure.

Photo by Ying Ge on Unsplash
Photo by Ying Ge on Unsplash


In all honesty, part of me wants her to go to my alma mater, Penn State but my bank account wants her to stay in-state.

College Penn State Baby Bella
College Penn State Baby Bella

I have to admit, I started brainwashing her early so if she goes out of state it is my own fault!

College Penn State Daughter Bella
College Penn State Daughter Bella

Niche.com just came out with their annual list of the best colleges in New Jersey so this post is as much for me as it is for you. Here are the best colleges in New Jersey in order and this time we get to grade them!

  1. Princeton University, A+
  2. Rutgers University-New Brunswick, A
  3. Stevens Institute of Technology, A-
  4. The College of New Jersey, A-
  5. Rutgers University–Newark, B+
  6. New Jersey Institute of Technology, B+
  7. Seton Hall University, B+
  8. Monmouth University, B
  9. Rowan University, B
  10. Montclair State University, B
  11. Saint Elizabeth University, B
  12. Rutgers University–Camden, B
  13. William Paterson University, B
  14. Stockton University, B
  15. Ramapo College, B

The factors included in their decision-making are of course academics, campus, food quality, and diversity.  Did you graduate from any of these schools?  What was your experience like?  Feel free to share what you loved or didn't love about our in-state schools and I'll share your comment on air and online.

Let’s be real, parents can use all the help we can get. Read more from Niche and their findings here.

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