This is so fantastic, I love this. There are amazing kids in Ocean County doing great things. I had to share this with you.

Three friends thought it would be a great idea to help kids out that might need a little extra help. The friends overheard a family member mentioning how the Brick Police Department were collecting Teddy Bears for children stressed.

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How cool that these kids were listening and wanted to help out. So, that's exactly what they did. A GIANT shout-out to CJ, Ben, and Grace. They decided to do a lemonade stand and raise money.

That they did! They raised $400 at their lemonade stand and additional donations last week on Osborne Avenue in Brick. With all the lemonade they sold they were able to buy 40 Teddy Bears for the Brick Police Department. Way to go, guys! That's Incredible.

Check out this picture of CJ, Ben, and Grace. Their smiles are as big as their hearts. You can just look at this picture and see the love and excitement when you help out others...

photo / Sheri Sica
photo / Sheri Sica


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The Teddy Bears are comfort bears and will be given to children that are in a stressed situation. A police officer hands them out to kids that need a little help to calm the kids down and lends some comfort to somebody that needs it. I love this, thanks CJ, Ben, and Grace. You are local heroes!

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