Brick resident Scott Alino was arrested in the Florida Keys when he was spotted choking his 9-year-old daughter outside of a restaurant on Tuesday night.

According to NJ Advanced Media, Alino was charged with neglect of a child without great bodily harm.

Witnesses told police that Alino dragged his daughter through the parking lot of the Hogfish Bar & Grill on Stock Island, just outside of Key West, and began choking her until an employee got in the middle. The child was able to run back inside. The brave worker who saved this girl told police that the girl was close to losing consciousness.

Here's the kicker. Even though Alino was ID'd by onlookers, and surveillance video from the restaurant shows him choking his daughter, he denies it. He claims that he put his hands on the girl's neck and shoulder.

Even better, Alino told sheriff's deputies that he didn't need anyone telling him how to raise his children.

Scott Alino is scheduled to be arraigned May 9 and remains in custody at the Monroe County Detention Center in Key West.

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