Do you have a need for speed???  How about a need for chicken tenders?  I only ask because it turns out that Paramount Pictures has partnered with Applebee’s for a fun immersive experience for the big Top Gun movie release!

How great was the original movie, and that soundtrack!  Frankly, I can't believe Tom Cruise is in a reboot this many years later but Movie Mom swears by his performance. Everyone wants to see this movie and everyone loves to eat so you are going to love this news.

It turns out, you can see Top Gun: Maverick for free!

Memorial Day Weekend is all about the fun and when the sun goes down, you've gotta get great food before the biggest moving of the summer.  Applebees saw the link here and decided to do something about it.

If guests spend $50 or more, they can receive two free movie tickets to enjoy the movie with friends!  That is super sweet!  Or, if you spend $25, you'll get one complimentary movie ticket.

What goes better together than dinner and a movie...especially on a holiday weekend!  They are also going a step further, if you walk into any Doherty-owned Applebee’s on May 27th dressed like a character from Top Gun, you can receive a free appetizer!

There is a lot going on around this promotion, diners can snag a selfie with a Pete “Maverick” Mitchell life-size standee and enjoy other surprises throughout the dining experience as well.

I hear that Jimmy G and Lou will do almost anything for some potato skins so I'm expecting big things.  If you want to grab those free movie tickets go to participating New Jersey Applebees locations and get it while it's hot!

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