We've all had to deal with a bully at one time or another.  One of my daughters is facing a "mean girl" in high school, so we decided on a creative approach for getting all those bad feelings out and it unexpectedly cracked us up.

When my 17-year-old daughter was dealing with a mean girl, in my most loving and maternal voice I told her, "get used to it, and dry it up buttercup".  Mean girls are everywhere and they grow up and graduate to the workplace.  You will ALWAYS deal with them. I reminded her of the prolific words of my mother-in-law, "you have to be smarter than the s!*t you're dealing with."  My plan was to get the anger out by having her write about how the bully makes her feel and what resulted was hysterical.

My rule is, you have to fight your own battles but you can't fight the person.  She has a reputation to consider, and I don't condone violence, so she is going to have to use her brain in battle.  What does that mean?  Use your words.  Use your humor. Express your feelings, even if no one even reads the words but you.  You will feel better just by getting your feelings out on paper.  It's like writing a seething email to your boss that you never send.  Purge and breathe and you'll be able to face another day until you rise above the obstacle altogether.  In the meantime, we can all laugh at what my daughter wishes on her nemesis, maybe you can apply this list to someone in your life too.

What I Secretly Wish On My Mean Girl Nemesis

The mean girl shall remain nameless but if she is reading this, I wouldn't hate it if you bit your cheek either.

Love, Bella's Mom


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