You know how much I love Great Adventure. It's always a fun, family day for us.

Yes, I still call it Great Adventure. Six Flags Great Adventure has some awesome roller coasters. The best roller coaster in Ocean County is at Six Flags.

Indoor, looping, the tallest, and of course the runaway train, that I still love. Six Flags has a fan favorite screamer with the best roller coaster in Ocean County. I will say it is not one of my favorites, I feel like I'm going to fall out all the time when I ride it.

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I do love Medusa, Skull Mountain, Batman, and The Dark Knight. But this one coaster that got voted the number one roller coaster, gets me every time. I've been on it several times. I have a friend that goes on this coaster two and three times while we are in the park.

El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure (Photo Credit: Kristin Fitzgerald)
El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure (Photo Credit: Kristin Fitzgerald)

We recently did our own "Shawn & Sue" poll for your favorite indoor coaster. at Six Flags Great Adventure and there were so many votes There were so many votes that came in for your favorite indoor roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, Skull Mountain, or The Dark Knight? The "big winner" from our poll was Skull Mountain.

The very first roller coaster my daughter was ever on was Skull Mountain, so it will always have those good feelings for me.

I know, there are a lot of great roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure, from the tallest in the world, Kingda Ka to the runaway train. It's always a great day when we head to Great Adventure.

My husband loves Skull Mountain, he'd always choose this one. My daughter would choose The Dark Knight. Several of her friends love Skull Mountain more. Skull Mountain seems like a regular coaster compared to a wild mouse roller coaster in The Dark Knight. Then of course that loud horn at the end of The Dark Knight always gets me all the time. I know it's there but it still gets me to this day.

Voted by you: The Best Roller Coaster in Ocean County is El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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