I don't know about you, but escaping to a cabin in the middle of the woods sounds more and more appealing every day.

The only problem I would have booking a stay at this Lokal Hotel A-Frame Boutique Cabin is that I would literally never want to leave. They would have to eventually call the cops to extract me so the next group could begin their stay.

The cabin sits on 2.5 acres on the Maurice River in South Jersey. It was built in the 1960s from California Redwood and has been completely overhauled with a "Scandinavian Modern" interior design. The cabin is fully insulated and has had all mechanicals updated for modern comfort.

It features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and sleeps a maximum of 8 people. There is a commercial kitchen, 2 fire pits, a huge rear deck with wood-fired hot tub and a makeshift private beach along the river.

Let's take a look!

South Jersey A-Frame Cabin

Wow. So, if you're interested, the Fall & Winter Weekday rates are only $300 per night (with a minimum two-night stay). If you hit the 8person limit, that's only $75 per person. I took a look through the Reservation dates, and it's booked almost completely through next August. There are a few single nights here and there (none in November, one in December, three-ish per month from January through March), so if you're really interested, you're going to need to book way in advance. And yknow, feel free to invite me!

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