One man on social media is going viral on TikTok after sharing that he refuses to tip his barista because his tip options are inflated.

In a recent TikTok video posted by user @onswin, who goes by J on the app, we see a selfie video of J standing in what appears to be a coffee shop.

His on-screen caption reads, "The barista looking into my soul as I look at [three] inflated tip options on their filthy iPad and choose no tip."

The conversation about tipping a coffee shop barista seems contentious.

Some say tipping baristas at a coffee shop is not warranted because baristas are paid an hourly wage and are not the same as being a server. Others disagree and explain that being a barista requires more labor than just being a cashier, and a tip is reasonable and deserved.

One TikTok user wrote, "tip for waiting in line placing the order myself, paying myself, and picking up the order myself? Yeah, I think not. tips are for waiters and drivers."

Other users argued that they do not tip fast-food workers, so why would they tip a barista citing that they are often prompted to tip 20-25 percent for a self-serve coffee.

However, others disagreed with this viewpoint and pointed out that baristas are not paid sufficiently, and their hourly rate is not a living wage.

One TikToker defended tipping by sharing, "As a barista, we appreciate all tips considering we are making your drink from scratch."

Others pointed out that if someone doesn't want to leave a tip for the barista, they have the option to make their coffee at home.

J is not the only creator to start a heated online debate over tip-culture. Many people feel very strongly about tipping or not, and on TikTok, it's easy to find content creators prompting conversations and sharing their tip or no tip experiences.

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