The Rocky Horror Picture Show is always so much fun.

I remember growing up in Pennsylvania we always had a theater that played it every Friday night and we would always go. The props, the music, the dancing, it was so much fun.

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Remember the props from the rice to the bread? The Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming to Ocean County College, The Grunin Center in Toms River.  And, yes, props will be used, how cool?

makisicfoto, Getty Images
makisicfoto, Getty Images

For 40 years, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been getting audiences up and dancing. Before the show at The Grunin Center, on Saturday, October 29th, 2022 at 8:00 pm. There will be a costume contest and a shadow cast to sing "Time Warp" with. That is my favorite.

A couple of things about the show to remember. It is rated R and it's for ages 17+. There will be no outside props allowed but approved prop bags are for sale before the show. The props are what make this show just incredible. The prop bags that are available include rice, toast, toilet paper, playing cards, newspaper, confetti, party blowers, glow sticks, rubber gloves, and paper plates.

The actors that we all love in it from Tim Curry's Frank N. Furter, and Susan Sarandon's Janet, to Meatloaf's Eddy. It's a cult classic where Brad and Janet get stuck in a storm with a flat tire and discover Dr. Frank N. Further's eerie mansion, a transvestite scientist.

Get your tickets for this fun show by clicking here.

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