Meet the most "swiped right" man on Tinder in New Jersey -- and he is actually here at the Jersey Shore!

His name is Andy Mizrahi, he is 28-years-old and he lives in Ocean Township. (for those of you hoping to bump into him in real life)

But here is the ironic part: he prefers to meet his possible lady in person.

"I’d rather just go up to a bar and talk to a girl — sweep her off her feet that way," Mizrahi said. "I don’t feel like I'm a man when I'm hiding in my room texting."

This is not the first time Andy has been recognized. Back in 2015, he appeared in People Magazine as one of the sexiest men on Tinder.

So Andy has got some online dating advice (kind of weird coming from someone who is still single but okay, we'll go with it....) for the rest of us mere mortals:

1. Get Professional Head Shots: Make your pictures pop so that it is not just another selfie like every other person on these online dating apps. Andy says he tries to have his pictures, "tell a story."

2. Throw in a Candid Shot: Anyone can look amazing in a professional, edited photo. Add one that looks like someone just caught the photo of whatever you are doing. A selfie or two wouldn't hurt for this either.

3. Add a Puppy for Cuteness: It looks like Andy is trying to cater to us dog moms. And why yes, it does work.

Okay so we have an eligible bachelor for you to check out and some online profile dating tips. I think you are set for today!

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