Who doesn't love taco and chicken wings!? Sure you can go to a restaurant where both are served, but have you ever been to a place that specializes in both?

If not, you're gonna dig this.

Tito's Burritos and Wings, which currently has 4 locations in New Jersey, has just revealed the location of their 5th restaurant, according to NJ.com.

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Right now, they're open in Morristown, Ridgewood, Summit and South Orange. Their new location just opened in Tenafly NJ, located at located at 35 Washington St.

Their menu includes burritos and bowls, tacos, wings and strips, empanadas, salad, quesadillas, loaded nachos, and even gluten free/vegan options!

But this Goliath-sized taco is what they're famous for.

Allow me to introduce you to the "Fat Amy," their 4-pound taco they brag as "The Biggest Taco You Ever Eat!"

According to their menu, it's "A JUMBO 12-INCH FLOUR TORTILLA crispy fried and stuffed with plump, juicy fried organic chicken tenders, hand-cut fries, Tito’s cheeses, lettuce, spicy chipotle sauce and pico de Gallo."

Yes. French fries are in this taco!!

And at a price of only $18?? Bring a friend to share or bring a bag to take the rest home with you for later before you collapse into a food coma!

Check out NJ.com's video featured the "Fat Amy." I legitimately felt my arm muscles getting tired just watching people lift this thing up!

This is for sure a foodie destination spot. Would you be interested in trying this 4 pound taco? Sure, it's not authentically Mexican, but it looks like the perfect cheat meal!

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