Everyone can agree that this is a crazy time and a lot of things have changed because of it.

People are staying in, a lot of adults are working from home and schools are closed to try and avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

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But there is a large group of people who have to go on as if nothing has changed so we can remain protected, treated and cared for.

This group of people include but are not limited to: police officers, EMTs, first responders,doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers and so much more....

Here is what I have to say.

To our doctors/nurses/medical staff:

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Thank you for continuing to treat our residents despite it putting you and your family in harms way.  You will be one of the biggest reasons we survive this and your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Special shout out to Respiratory Therapists who are battling some of the most severe symptoms of the Coronavirus.

To our police officers/EMTs:


Thank you for working to keep us safe from ourselves by maintaining some type of normalcy out there. You are usually the first ones to reach any scene whenever there is an issue which means that you have acted as our first line of defense.

To our pharmacists:

Pharmacist helping customers
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Thank you because everyone and anyone who relies on daily prescriptions or needs an antibiotic relies on you. Instead of shutting down to try and avoid being exposed, you have remained in business so residents can get the care that they need.

To our teachers: 

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State
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To our fire fighters:

Silverton Volunteer Firefighters put out a fire at the Toms River Fire Training Center. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)
Silverton Volunteer Firefighters put out a fire at the Toms River Fire Training Center. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)

Thank you for remaining focused amid a time that it can be easy to be distracted. It is very reassuring to know that you are there if we need you.

Thank you because your world has been flipped upside down within the past week or so. Schools have been closed and you have been forced to turn your lesson plans into online-friendly classes so kids can still learn and interact while learning from home. That is A LOT of work in a short period of time so thank you.

This letter is, of course, not limited to the professions listed above but I think we can all agree these group of people are going above and beyond on a daily basis.

If you see any of these people, or anyone looking to help those around them during this time, make sure you say thank you.

These are the people that will make it possible for us to beat this thing.

And from me, Nicole Murray, please stay safe. There is no second you in this world

And for one final time: Thank you.

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