This is JUST the type of feel-good story we needed to kick off 2021.

A man named Michael Schlachter of Toms River helped to save a family's Christmas this holiday season.

He found a wallet that had $860 in cash inside along with a few gift cards at the Dick's Sporting Goods in Brick.

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He had one goal: to return the wallet to its rightful owner because that kind of cash is the difference between a bountiful Christmas versus no celebration at all.

And to make matters even more difficult...the wallet had no identification inside.

The only hint that Michael had to go on was the message already written to whoever was going to receive this cash-filled gift.

"Merry Christmas Mackenzie. Love Mom" was written across 5 $100 bills.

So Michael turned to Dick's Sporting Goods who posted a message on Facebook with photos of the wallet asking the public to help him find the mystical Mackenzie.

"If you know MacKenzie have her get in contact with me. The correct MacKenzie should be able to tell me who the Kohl's gift card is from. Feel free to share. Would love to get this back to her," wrote Michael on Facebook.

In just over 3 hours, the post had been shared over 5,000 times and eventually Michael was able to give us the amazing update that Mackenzie had been found and the wallet had been returned to its rightful owner.

And like you would expect, an overwhelming number of comments filled with praise came flooding in for Michael after his good deed was complete.

"Thank God there are people like you in this crazy world," one person wrote.


"Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity," another wrote. "You, kind sir, ROCK!" did indeed ROCK! Good deeds like this are just what we need in this crazy world.

Michael paid it forward to make someone else smile. Be like Michael.

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