Here is another sign that  things are starting to go back to "normal."

Toms River's beach badges are going on sale....TODAY!!!

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Starting on May 18th, residents can head to the Tax Collector's Office inside Town Hall located at 33 Washington Street to purchase your beach badges.

Until June 19th, beach badges will be sold at a special preseason price of $35.

After June 19th, beach badges will be sold for $50.

Only regular beach badges are being sold for the time being and residents can pay using cash or check.

For senior beach IDs and military beach badges, head to the Recreation Administration Office located 1810 Warren Pointe Road.

Seniors(62+) must only pay a one-time fee of $15 and are good for a lifetime.

FYI: All employees and visitors must wear face masks when entering either Township buildings. Counter partitions and hand sanitizer stations are set up throughout the building as well.

Now let's start working on those tans.

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