Usually when we think of cats on Halloween, we think of the scary black cat with bright yellow eyes in front of a spooky background.  You have to check out these Halloween costume ideas for your favorite feline that will definitely get a laugh.  Ever thought of your cat dressed up like a taco, cowboy, or should I say Meowboy (sorry, couldn’t resist) or a Fur-ocious lion?  Those are only a few of the very creative costume choices.  Other costumes you can check out is the lobster (claws of a whole different kind) and the jack-o-lantern.  If you want to treat your cat like royalty, there’s a costume for that too.  I did not expect the slice of bread costume.  See for yourself, just click Cat Costumes and have a pet-friendly Halloween.  Don't forget to support Rescue Ridge at the Ocean Grove Halloween Event as they will be collecting cat/dog food, treats, new or old blankets/towels along with leashes, harnesses and collars.  Check out my "Local Halloween Events" blog for details.

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