If you're a fan of "The Soup," and "Community" or "Cash Cab," you're in the luck because the stars of these series are coming to The Shore this weekend.

Joel McHale, best known for "The Soup" on E! and now for the sitcom "Community" on NBC is making a very rare stand-up appearance at The MAC at Monmouth University this Saturday night at 8:30. Jugling the two shows makes McHale a very busy man. He only has one other stand-up date set for this year and another for 2012. So if you're a fan...this is about as good as it gets. From my own experience, expect Joel's show to be very "Soup-like," but hilarious.

Cash Cab

Meanwhile, Ben Bailey from "Cash Cab" is pulling into The Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank Saturday night. If you're like me, you're wondering what a stage show from Ben is going to be like. Ben started as a stand-up before landing his show, and when he's doing a live appearance he mixes his witty observations with the best-of-the-best stories and passengers from "Cash Cab."

Are you going to either of these shows this weekend?

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