Ugly. That's a rather harsh word.

It's also a very subjective word. Beauty and lack thereof are always in the eye of the beholder.

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How exactly does one determine whether a city is ugly or not?

It must come down to data-driven research that has been combed over exhaustively by the Nation's leading lifestyle experts.


The website A Lot Travel used reader reviews from Niche and Reddit to populate its list of the 50 Ugliest Cities in America.

I believe anyone should have the right to voice their opinion in a public space.


However, as they say, opinions are like *blank*. Everybody has one.

Just because one has an opinion doesn't mean it has to be taken seriously or is gospel.

For example, Reddit is a great place to dive into very specific and niche areas to grow one's knowledge.


Have you ever read a comment section on Reddit, though? Talk about negative.

One wrong word and things can go south pretty fast.

I bring this up because it's hard to take something like this seriously when it's based solely on user reviews.

New Jersey proves its beauty through its beaches, mountains, pinelands, and history.


Just like anywhere else, every gorgeous place has its "not so great" areas.

Here's what A LOT had to say about the New Jersey town that was named one of the 'Ugliest in America.'

<p>New Jersey as a state gets ragged on pretty hard about being a terrible place to live. But there aren't many places in the state that get more individual hate than this town. It's typically pegged as a place that's not that pretty but also pretty sketchy! That's never a good combo."</p>

See where this New Jersey town ranked in the top 50, and find out if you've ever been to or heard of the so-called ugliest town in all of the land.

Ranking America's Ugliest City in Each State recently combed through Reddit and Niche reviews to discover which town is considered the ugliest in each state by locals. Here's the countdown to the Ugliest City in America.

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