We all come across houses on the market that is really over the asking price for one reason or another.

This home is a real head-scratcher.

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You may think that the headline of this article is a little harsh, and maybe it is.

"Hideous" is just the first word that came to mind when I took the tour you're about to embark on.

What really doesn't make sense is the price tag: $13 million.

When the real estate listing leads with "location, location, location," you kind of know what you're walking into.

Even with a spectacular location right off of Ocean Avenue in the affluent town of Deal, $13 million is a big ask for this house. The property taxes are just over $26,000 a year. For Deal, and for this location, the taxes are very reasonable.

This is the dream home you have been waiting for.

For some maybe. Not me.

Let me say right out of the gate that the beauty of a home is very subjective. I am sure that I will get emails and social media comments like:

"You wish you could afford to buy this house."


"It's not as bad as you're making it out to be."

In my humble opinion, I went easy.

"What makes you an expert?"

Nothing. I've got an opinion just like everyone does.

Just know that I'm taking a comical approach to this house tour.

If you disagree, that's cool. You can even let me know: matt.ryan@townsquaremedia.com.

Let's take a look inside. Here we go!

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