Another New Jersey diner has closed its doors after being open for nearly a decade.

It's one of a few diners in the area that have closed over the years, including the Sage Diner in Mount Laurel and the Marlton Diner in Evesham.

Both of those locations have been transformed into cannabis dispensaries.

It's sad to hear about all these diners closing in New Jersey.

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I drive past the old Red Lion Diner all the time in Southhampton that closed down about a year ago. This closing makes me really sad.

The building continues to sit empty, but will eventually be the site of a new Wawa.

It was once a thriving diner at the intersection of Routes 70 and 206 that had been around for nearly 50 years.

The Red Lion Diner was the diner many would stop at on their way to the Jersey Shore. You knew you were getting closer and closer, but still had a little ways to go.

Now there's another diner to add to the list of diner closings in New Jersey.

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Voorhees Diner is CLOSED

I had heard the rumors, but now according to the Courier Post, the owner couldn't be reached for comment, the website can no longer be found, calls have gone unanswered, and there's a sign on the door reading, "Sorry we're closed."

In 2019, the Voorhees Diner was involved in a civil lawsuit.

"The complaint alleged that the diner “in many workweeks” did not pay a direct wage to some of its servers or bussers, a previous Courier Post story reported. Instead, those employees worked only for tips, the Labor Department claimed," according to the Courier Post.

There have been several diners that have closed in New Jersey over the years.

Take a look at the ones you miss the most.

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