The "BEST" pizza is that delicious pizza on the Seaside Boardwalk. We have our TOP 3, we just need to find the WINNER.

A slice of pizza at the Jersey Shore is the best, especially with the salt air and the waves crashing in the background.

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Check out the P I Z Z A places on the boardwalk in Seaside.🍕--Make sure to VOTE in ROUND 2 for the TOP 3 at the bottom:

Pizza Places on the Seaside Boardwalk

I've eaten at every one of these delicious pizza places. It's tough to say which is the best. Is it about the size of the slice? The crust? The cheese and sauce? The laughs we had around the table on the boardwalk that night?

When family visits, I'll always hear, "Can we go to the boardwalk for pizza?" You bet and this weekend, lots of slices will be given out on the boardwalk in the Heights and Park.

This past weekend was not great weather wise for Memorial Day, but it sure did feel good to go out to eat with family and friends.

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It's' time to vote for your favorite TOP 3 at the Seaside Boardwalk. All of Seaside has great pizza this is just TOP 3 on the boardwalk. From the first poll we have the TOP 3. Vote now to see who has the "BEST" pizza on the Seaside Boardwalk.

Thanks for voting.

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