Walmart has just about everything else, so during these pandemic times the retail chain is moving to fill another need -- becoming a host for drive-in movies. According to Deadline, Walmart has partnered with Tribeca Enterprises to start a drive-in movie series that will take place in 160 Walmart locations across the country.

The movies will be programmed by the Tribeca Drive-In team, with the series expected to start in August and running through October. In addition, the 320 family-friendly showings are expected to include special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities. The film lineup for the series will be announced closer to the start date.

To help add to your Walmart film going experience, the chain will also have an area where customers can pick up picnic items curbside before the movie begins and concessions will be available to your socially distanced vehicles.

The partnership also overlaps a Walmart sponsorship for Tribeca's own Tribeca Drive-In movie series that starts tomorrow (July 2). “Drive-Ins have been a signature program for Tribeca since we started the Tribeca Film Festival 19 years ago after 9/11,” said Jane Rosenthal, CEO and Co-Founder of Tribeca Enterprises and Tribeca Film Festival. “But now, the Tribeca Drive-In is much more than a fun, retro way to see movies — it’s one of the safest ways for communities to gather. We are thrilled to partner with Walmart to bring more people together around the shared cinematic experiences that Tribeca is known for.”

Walmart also has another social distancing-friendly program starting up called "Camp by Walmart" in which celebrities will lead online courses and activities. Drew Barrymore, Neil Patrick Harris, LeBron James, Idina Menzel and Todd Oldham are among the celebs taking part and you'll be able to access "Camp by Walmart" programs through the Walmart app on July 8.

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