Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, LetGo, whatever other "garage sale" app you use to buy or sell stuff is going to be full of wonderful finds along with absolute insanity. This post my mom found on Facebook Marketplace falls into the latter.

A person in Toms River is trying to sell a chicken finger in the shape of New Jersey for $500. Seriously, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a piece of breaded chicken that, I guess that the right angle, has a passing resemblance to the Garden State.


The listing went up on Facebook about a week ago, but so far no brave soul has come up with the cash to buy the one-of-a-kind snack. If you're having trouble opening your wallet and pulling out five hundred bucks for just one finger, don't worry - the seller is willing to include a free packet of honey mustard or sweet and sour sauce.

I scanned through the seller's profile, and surprisingly, he's not a complete nutjob. He has a couple vintage toys that he's asking way too much for, but other than that, it's your average Facebook Marketplace stuff (a cooler, a lamp, some home decor, etc). We've seen some outrageous prices on eBay or Craiglist for things of this nature, so I guess if you want to test the market, you can put any price on anything. Maybe you get lucky, and some eccentric millionaire wants to blow $500 for a gag and buys it. What do you have to lose?

I'm going to go buy a few bags of frozen chicken fingers and see if I can find one shaped like Bruce Springsteen or something. Wish me luck!

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