by Samantha Crawford

A man who has “always stepped up when others would step down,” Specialist John Rimmer, Jr. is this week’s Warrior of the Week.

The 69-year-old joined the Army a semester short of getting a masters degree in engineering from the University of Kentucky when he was 24, said his wife, Joan Rimmer.

The Army trained him as a medic and sent him to Vietnam.

“Not only did he help local women give birth to babies, he saved countless lives,” said Joan.

He protected and saved injured soldiers, all while protecting himself from opposition forces.

After serving a year in Vietnam, John returned to the states to form the first emergency squad of North Arlington in 1972, making him the first captain of the North Arlington Emergency Squad and “one of the first paramedics in the state,” said Joan.

Even though John had been more interested in engineering as opposed to medicine when he initially joined the army, looking back he is very happy with the journey life brought him.

“If he had not gotten a position as a medic in the army, he would have never met me,” said Joan. She was then in college and served as a volunteer for his emergency squad.

John retired from nursing in 2010 and can be seen supporting his three successful children, gardening, and spending time with his 2-year-old granddaughter, Madeline.

He is now a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary of Point Pleasant and the Veterans Group of Brick.

“He is very proud of what he did,” said Joan. “I am very proud of his commitment to his country, patients, and his family.”

Thank you John for stepping up for our country and helping soldiers and citizens in need.





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