Recently there was a proposal video going around...but that one actually happened last year. THIS proposal happened just a few weeks ago and Robert and Ashley from Howell wanted to share it with you.

(Photo from Robert Avallone)

In the Groom-to-Be's words:

 "My name is Robert Avallone and I proposed to my girlfriend (Ashley Walsh) of 8 years.

We both lived in Howell NJ, dated through high school and through college. She attended Ramapo College of NJ and I attended Seton Hall University’s Business School.
I am currently in my last year at Fordham Law School and work in downtown Manhattan.
I have been wanting to do something crazy for a long time and could not think of how to propose. I spent over two months planning, documenting, and getting ready for this big day.
Look at that ring!!! (Photo from Robert Avallone)
Afterward, I had dinner reservations in NJ (Ponte Vecchio), decorated the table with rose petals and flowers, and afterward, had an amazing surprise after-party at my parents' house in Howell! It was actually my father's birthday that day!!!
And I created a personalized cake just for her." (Btw that cake is completely edible!)
Seriously...this is the CAKE, totally edible!!!! (Photo by Robert Avallone)
Robert went all out to surprise Ashley.... with Post Malone's backup dancers and the videographer from Cosmo!
So Congratulations, Robert and Ashley...can't wait to see wedding photos :)
CLICK HERE to watch this proposal!
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