We're living in tough times. Prices are going up and people are working hard just to stay afloat.

Then, something like this happens.

In Galloway Township Tuesday evening, a local pizzeria was hit as a young man walked in, allegedly grabbed the Tip Jar, and ran out.

Apparently, the young man is not aware that most businesses these days have security cameras. Here's what was captured on video at Giovanni's Pizzeria:


The owner at Giovanni's supplied us with the video. Galloway Township Police have been contacted.

We've been told that a second young man was waiting outside the shop and the two fled on foot towards Collins Road. (Giovanni's is located at 205 East Collins Road in Galloway.)

Ironically, Giovanni's was just mentioned on the Galloway Township Police Department's Facebook page for a wonderful donation they made toward the "Summer of Good Deeds" program now in effect in Galloway. Giovanni's and several other local businesses donated free pizza and soft drinks that are passed along to kids in the township who are caught doing good deeds.

So.... the person who swiped the Tip Jar will probably not be rewarded for doing good deeds anytime soon.

If you can help the police solve this crime. please contact the Galloway Township Police Department at (609) 652-3705.

Already, people have stepped forward on social media saying they'd be willing to make up the lost tips to Giovanni's server, Madison.

SOURCE: Information and video for this story from social media and thru the courtesy of Giovanni's Pizzaria.

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