Plans have been submitted to Brick Township to build a shopping center, bank, daycare center, restaurant, and Wawa in a very busy area of town. 

According to Shorebeat, JSM at Martin Boulevard filed a proposal with Brick Township to construct a Wawa convenience store and gas facility, a 7,000-square-foot commercial building, a 124 seat restaurant, 9,000-square-foot daycare center in addition to 117 parking spaces.  In total, it will occupy 9.4 acres of land at the site of Laurelton Mobile Home Park on Route 88 and Jack Martin Boulevard.

Laurelton Mobile Home Park, Google

Residents of the mobile home park are rightly upset. Owner of JSM, Jack Morris told Shorebeat that "he pledge[s] a section of the property will remain available to trailer owners."

There are many controversies surrounding Morris' real estate operations.  From his purchase of Laurelton Mobile Home Park in 2015 to his recent plans to build at Route 70 and Duquesne Boulevard.

Those who object to the Route 88 and Jack Martin Boulevard project can have their voices heard as the Board of Adjustment will hear testimony regarding the application at Brick Township Municipal Complex on Wednesday, February 15, at 7 p.m.

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