Wayne’s World is back — not for an extreme close-up, but to sell you on a delivery app.

For the first time in years, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey slapped on the old flannels, T-shirts, and wigs to play the roles of cable access hosts Wayne and Garth, this time in a Super Bowl ad for Uber Eats. The ad also features a cameo from Cardi B, because who doesn’t love a celebrity cameo during a Super Bowl ad? Watch it below:

The last time Myers and Carvey appeared together as Wayne and Garth was six years ago, on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special. This mini reunion plays off the funniest scene in the original Wayne’s World from 1992, where Wayne and Garth, having sold their cable access show to a big network, are defiant when their new boss — played by Rob Lowe — demands they add a slew of product placement to the show. While refusing time and again, they ironically peddle all kinds of products direct to the movie camera. “Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor!” Wayne says as he holds up a Pizza Hut box to the camera.

It would have been even funnier if this new ad had featured one of those old brands. (Do they still even make Nuprin? What happened to the little, yellow, different pill?) Still the ad at least acknowledges that Wayne and Garth used to be all about not selling out to corporate sponsors.

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