We had so many votes, Facebook messages, emails and on the 92.7 WOBM App voting, we have a winner for the BEST Diner in Ocean County.

I started asking last week about the BEST Diner in Ocean County. We love our diners. Who knew, this would explode the way it did. Wait, like I just wrote, we love our diners.

Growing up we always went to our local diner for breakfast. Diners are so much more than breakfast. It's not just about the delicious food at our favorite diner, it's about the memories you might have.

Top 10 Diners in Ocean County, Countdown to #1 Voted By You

Maybe your favorite diner is where you took or take your Mom. Maybe you met your husband at your local diner, whatever it might be, diners are the key to our memories and our pallets. My go-to diners are the Sand Castle Diner in Beachwood or the Forked River Diner. Forked River Diner has my favorite breakfast, creamed dried beef, and the Sand Castle Diner has great chocolate chip pancakes. They are my Abby's absolute favorite.

This time around I found out that some of the restaurants I thought were diners are not, but Poppy's Place in Toms River made the list. Also, C&G in Toms River is very popular, but they're not diners. Thanks to Deb, a Facebook friend, wrote and explained that both of these places are cafes and they close around 3:00 pm. Most diners are open either 24 hours a day or have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who knew?

We have a WINNER. Thank you for all of your votes. FOUR SEASONS DINER in Toms River is our "BIG" WINNER.

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