Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes champagne, cake, and...stress.

Have you ever struggled with how much to spend when it comes to a wedding gift? You're not alone, but there's a handy tool that can help!

Weddings can be very expensive to attend...first there's the bridal shower gift, then the bachelor(ette) party, the outfit for the wedding, hair, nails, accessories, THEN the actual wedding gift!

It's no wonder then that more and more people avoiding weddings because they are too expensive.

Well, there's no way to avoid all of the costs (though obviously try to wear something you already own and do your own hair and nails!), but at least we can stop panicking over how much to give for the gift. has an awesome gift calculator that gives you a pretty good estimate of how much you should give for your gift!

Now a lot of people have a general rule that they follow, like relatives get more than friends, or each person attending should give $100...I even know some people who think $500 is the standard gift amount. (Hey Rockefeller! I'm gonna need your address one day!)

For the rest of us, that calculator is really handy! (And just think, you're paying for a really nice open bar meal to celebrate two people you (hopefully) love.

Happy wedding season!

How much do you normally give as a wedding gift? Tell us in the comment section below!