Two sisters from Toms River were shocked to find this sight while taking their usual walk.

According to reporting from New Jersey Advanced Media, Nora and Jean Muchanic stumbled upon this crater on Silver Beach in Toms River Friday morning.

photo: Jean Muchanic
photo: Jean Muchanic via NJ Advanced Media

See that black thing in the middle? The sisters told that:

It smelled burnt, appeared oddly flat and was smooth on one side.

Here's a closer look.

photo: Jean Muchanic via NJ Advanced Media
photo: Jean Muchanic via NJ Advanced Media

So, what is it? Remember hearing about the fireball that was seen in the area recently? Some on social media have speculated that it this is the remnant of the fireball. Could it be a meteorite? We're still scratching our heads over what caused the five-foot wide hole in the sand at Silver Beach in Toms River.

Even though many are telling the the sisters that it's likely just the site of an old bonfire, they're still taking their discovery to the Franklin Institute in Philly to hopefully get some answers.

A Stockton University scientist told NJ Advanced Media that the chances of this being a meteorite are slim because once they hit Earth they are usually pebble sized or a little bit larger.

The mystery continues!


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