This is the time of year when we tell you what new laws will pass in New Jersey, what changes are afoot for the new year, and when we assess whether life will be better here in the state, or worse. And we’re just as dependent here in New Jersey on technology as everywhere else in the country.

Maybe even more so with our dense population and our proximity to major technology centers. I know that we’re the Garden State, but we’re a Technology State, too.

With every new year comes a handful of new technologies. Year after year it seems the technological advancements have become more advanced, impressive, and to many, more confusing. While we have all learned to adapt to technology like the iPhone, Airpods, and electric cars, I’ve begun wondering how New Jersey—and society—will handle another year of change.

While technology is meant to make our lives easier, learning to adapt is extremely difficult. Here are some of the ways technology plans on changing our lives even more this year. Are you ready for them?

Smart homes

The first major technological advancement said to occur this year is the implementation of SmartHome services. Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, have teamed up to develop a new smart-home standard called Matter.

This will make it easier to use your home gadgets that may differ in brands in tandem with one another. This is one of the first times we will see these major companies work together, rather than compete against one another.

Whenever I have a problem with my iPad, my iPhone, or my AirPods, I have to drive to the Freehold Mall because that’s where my Apple store is. That’s a good 30 to 40 minute drive for me. I would love it if I could fix some stuff by myself at home.

You can fix it yourself, finally

Well, Another major change for 2022 (which can’t come soon enough) is self-service when it comes to fixing your tech products. Many companies plan on allowing amateur customers access to the parts necessary to fix their own devices. That’ll save those who have no knowledge of technology the long wait at stores like Apple and Microsoft.

This doesn’t mean tech is becoming more fixable. Rather, little issues you may have thought were impossible to fix at home will now be made possible.

Health watch

Tech companies also plan on creating more technology to analyze your body’s health in order to prevent illnesses and create good habits. While smartwatches are fun to use, they can often be unreliable and companies have been working hard to make these products more accurate.

Whether you love technology or not, it’s rapidly changing meaning we will soon have to adapt.

Opinions expressed in the post above are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco only.

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