We've all seen vintage pictures of various locations at the Jersey Shore. But this really cool site lays historic photos over current-day Google Street View images.

The site is called What Was There. You simply go to the site, type in your town or area of interest and it will give you a bunch of old-school photos that in some cases go back one hundred years or more!

What Was Here

Even better, if you have old photos, you can share them on the site.

Without a doubt, the best feature of 'What Was Here' is how they overlay the old pic and the Google Street View image of the exact same place. Brilliant!

For example, here's a picture from 1915 of The League of Women Voters campaigning in Long Branch!


 St. Catherine's Church in Spring Lake from 1911!


Here's a classic view of The Pavilion in Avon-by-the-Sea. The exact year is unknown. 


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The Independent Fire House on Main Street in Bradley Beach.


Pt. Pleasant Hardware on Arnold Ave.


The Asbury Park Post Office and Steinbach's in the 1880s!


Warning! This site is addictive. Plan on spending an hour or two on it.

This is just another example of how much history is here at the Jersey Shore. Do you have any old-school pictures of Monmouth or Ocean county that go way back? If so, hit me up at matt@943thepoint.com.

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