Well, I was wishing it was something more exciting.

Several months ago I asked what you'd like to see in the Old Charlie Brown's on Rt. 70 in Lakewood, here were your answers:

10 Things You'd Like to See at the Old Charlie Brown's in Lakewood

Your ideas are so much more exciting than what's actually moving in there. Office buildings are taking over the Old Charlie Browns. Charlie Brown's in Lakewood and Forked River closed because of Covid-19. It was sad to see these leave Ocean County. Every time I would drive by the parking lot would be full.

Whenever we talk about something being replaced there are always so many opinions on what Ocean County needs. I get several emails from you saying, "Why so many chain restaurants "..."We want something healthy."

Sara in Toms River said she would love a Rainforest Cafe. I totally agree with her, but are Rainforest Cafe's only in places with large crowds, like Atlantic City or Orlando? We draw large crowds here to Ocean County with the boardwalks and beach. It could work. I think the building might have to be a little bit bigger. But, I guess that's not going to be happening, it's office buildings. Darn, I was truly hoping for another great restaurant would take over.

Tom in Brick and Jackie in Toms River were hoping for something else like an IHOP or a Red Robin in the old Charlie Brown's.

Well, there you go, more office buildings along Rt. 70 in that location.

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