Surprise, surprise more construction on Rt. 9. This time in Waretown.

We all know of the new construction, further south on Rt. 9 in Southern Ocean, Tradewinds at Waretown. It's the latest development in Waretown.

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Recently I was driving through Waretown at the ShopRite plaza at the Town Center and noticed more construction. I'm not thinking it's part of Tradewinds?

Do you know what's being built in Waretown on Rt. 9 at the Town Center?

It looks like a store or possibly a fast food restaurant. I was thinking of a Wawa, maybe? But it just doesn't seem that big to me.

Sue, Townsquare Media
Sue, Townsquare Media
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Waretown is an amazing community that keeps growing and growing. Especially along Rt. 9 between Lacey Township and Barnegat Township. Ocean Township, Ocean County has seen so much growth. But, of course, all of this growth means more traffic on Rt. 9. Waretown has always been a quiet community, now with Tradewinds and new stores or restaurants coming in, it could back up Rt. 9 through Ocean Township.

Waretown residents have stated they do want more restaurants so they don't have to go to Manahawkin or Lacey. Also, they would like more stores or bigger box stores a little closer to them because of traffic, especially when going to Manahawkin when the traffic is horrendous in the summer on Rt. 72. Waretown wants a little bit more. I don't blame residents of Ocean Township, that traffic in Manahawkin is crazy even on weekends when it's not summer.

Just wondering what's being built at the corner of the Town Center?

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