Nancy just got back from a two week trip to Africa. I would have needed a week after that just to get back to my normal routine. There is something exhausting about getting right back to work after vacation.

So many things are tough when you first get back from vacation. First of all, you're back. Vacation is over and that's tough enough. Then you realize all the things you have to do just to get your normail routine back to, well, normal.

There's that immense pile of laundry, and of course more often that not, it was to be done right away. Nothing like going from drinks on the beach to laundry detergent on the dirty clothes.

Then there's the complete flip of your schedule. Vacation had you staying up late and maybe even sleeping in a little bit. Now you're homa and alarms are being set and you have to wake up early, but your body's just not ready.

Then there's the absolute exhaustion. You probably went one thousand miles an hour to get everything in on your trip, and it took everything out of you. And let's not even talk about the travel day to get home. It's all enough to make you want a nap.

There are a million things that you look forward to about vacation, and just about as many things you dread about vacation being over. What is the thing about coming back you dread the most?