Liz walked in this morning and immediately had major technical  issues. She handled it with all the grace and composure that we've come to expect from her through the years. Let's just say I'm glad the microphones weren't on, and that I can duck on a world class level.  Colorful words were flying  at a record pace. Some words were even being made up.

We are all on a tight schedule in the morning, so anything that goes wrong can mess up the whole day. Sometimes it's before we leave the house, sometimes it's on the way to work, and sometimes it happens at the job. I just read about five  commom morning wreckers at

And there are a thousand things that can go wrong. Missing homework, missing keys, missing a light, missing a memo...and that's just the "missing" category.  When it happens it immediately can put you in a bad mood, and it's tought to shake.

There is something extra frustraing about technical issues. We like to fix problems ourselves on our own schedule, but with computer issues, many of us sit at work helpless, wishing we knew as much as our kids do.