Burger King is in a new location and a new building in the Home Depot Plaza, right next to the new Chipotle. 

I was hoping for something else, maybe a nice sit-down restaurant. Several listeners wrote me and really wanted a Cracker Barrel in Lacey. Forked River would be the perfect location for a Cracker Barrel.

I know that the "old" Burger King that Popeyes took over was really run down and needed to be updated. But the owners of Popeyes did an awesome job. Couldn't they have just done that to the "old" Burger King?

Maybe you know the reason why? Listen, I like Burger King, although the "King" scares me...the chicken sandwiches are so good. The whole area being built throws me off because right next to the "new" Chipotle there is a Taco Bell. And, now a Burger King. It looks like it's ready to open any day.

I originally thought the new Burger King would be a Starbucks, but there's that new beautiful one on Lacey Road.

There is a sign "Now Hiring." Burger King in Lacey, in the Home Depot Plaza. When is the Burger King opening? I feel it's been a while and I'm not sure if they're still not working on the building, it looks like it's ready to open any day.

I tried out the "new" Popeyes, the old Burger King sight. I still consider it new. I like the original.

I was at the Home Depot this past weekend and Burger King is still not open. Any ideas when it's opening?

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